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If you and your family are planning a move to Australia in the near future, then you're certainly in for a treat! To begin with, Australia is home to some of the most naturally beautiful areas to be found anywhere in the world – everything from sun-soaked beaches, to lush tropical rainforests, to sprawling wild plains populated with wildlife.  It also comes complete with access to a wealth of cultural opportunities to experience such as unique, delectable cuisine, beautifully vibrant art, a multitude of sports, and even the opera. In fact, we can absolutely guarantee that once you and your family set foot on Australian soil, you'll be embarking on an enriching experience none of you will soon forget. However, knowing you're ready to make the move to beautiful, exciting Australia and actually making sure everything is done properly are two different animals. An overseas move can be tricky and elaborate to say the least, but the right house removal experts can make the entire process a lot easier on everyone. Let Hunts International and our team of experienced removal experts take care of the heavy lifting, the planning, and the worrying so you don't have to! Looking to make a corporate move instead of a personal one? No problem at all! It would be our pleasure to assist!

What a Difference Hunts Can Make!

Hunts International has been in the business of helping families and companies alike make simple, easy, successful moves to Australia for over 20 years. In that span of time, we've handled literally thousands of relocations to all of the major ports in Australia. From there, we've assisted thousands of our satisfied customers in facilitating removals from those ports to practically every Australian location including Melbourne, Fremantle, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, and many more. We pride ourselves in offering a removals service that not only meets, but exceeds even the highest expectations. From the very best packing materials, to the most experienced removal professionals, to the ultimate gold standard in customer service, Hunts is dedicated to making sure your move to Australia is hassle-free, worry-free, and problem-free.

  • Complete start-to-finish removal services – everything from the initial packing process to the arrangement of your things in your new home after arrival.
  • Premium grade customer service designed to make the entire process of moving to Australia simple, pleasant, and hassle-free.
  • Assistance from only the most experienced, qualified removal professionals in the business.
  • Advice and guidance throughout every step of the removal process.
  • Air freight options for when faster transit times are needed.
  • Reasonable rates and comprehensive services.
  • Removal services for both professional and private purposes.
  • Free estimates for all potential clients with no obligation to purchase!

We take an immense amount of pride in making what would usually be a stressful process as problem-free and easy as possible for our customers. We care about our clients and we can't wait to enjoy the opportunity of serving you in every way possible!

Get Started With a Free Estimate

Whether your future move to Australia is already in the advanced planning phases or you're still simply contemplating the idea, we make it easy for you to estimate costs by offering every potential client a free survey and estimate. All surveys are always not only completely free, but obligation free as well. No fine print to worry about and no strings attached!

Simply contact our offices and we'll send one of our experienced removal experts out to your home to take a look at your property. They'll make an assessment of the volume involved, as well as the unique packing requirements necessary to get your things safely to their destination. At that point an accurate estimate of the total costs and requirements will be made.

We'll Take Care of Everything from There

When you're ready to proceed with the process, we'll match you with one of our expert moving coordinators. They'll handle every aspect of the process for you from start to finish so that you can focus on other things… like planning what to do first when you reach your exciting destination. Your coordinator will also be continuously available to answer all of your questions and address concerns. They'll even be able to offer you advice and guidance based on their extensive knowledge of international removals. Just ask!

Stellar Assistance Even After You Arrive

Once you reach your destination, we remain by your side, taking care of your things until you're ready to arrange for delivery to your new home. Not ready to make arrangements right away? No problem! We can have your belongings stored securely at reasonable and competitive rates. We'll make sure you have all of the necessary customs forms to fill out while your items undergo the customary clearance exam and 7-14 day quarantine period as well.

Once delivery is complete, our seasoned movers will then place each and every one of your items in your new home according to your direction. That's right! They'll unpack them, arrange them, and then remove all of the packing materials for you when they leave. When we promise our customers start to finish removal services, that's exactly what we deliver!

The Standard to Beat

Although there are certainly other removal companies out there that will be happy to facilitate your household's relocation to Australia, none of them come close to meeting the exacting standards of Hunts International.

We always tell our clients: "By land, sea, or air, we will get you there."

And we mean it. No job is too big or too small for our knowledgeable, experienced removal experts to handle. Whether you're just one person making an overseas move on your own or an entire corporation looking to relocate your offices, we have the means and the determination to make the entire process simple.

We anticipate every possibility and cover every base so that you don't have to… and for reasonable, competitive rates that won't break the bank. Get in touch with us today and let us know more about how Hunts International can help you handle your removal to Australia. We look forward to hearing from you!

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